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No Limits Season 10 Episode 07

Published on Jul 17, 2019 No Limits Season 10

Man's Best Friend: Of course, a dog isn't the only best friend a man can have! You might be surprised at the different roles animals can take in the world of disability. Learn more about the bionic vet and how science is changing the lives of beloved pets with disabilities. We send Carrie Beethem to check out Ridability Victoria while Kevin and Spike chat to Lizzy Maciulaitis.

Hosts: Gary Newton, Elvira Alic, Louis Rowe, Carly Findlay, Kevin Boyce, Leanne Sampson, Brian Cacciangia, Akash Temple, Carrie Beetham, Phineas Meere, Ariane Garner-Williams, Michael Uniake. Guests: Lizzy Maciulaitis and Maree Castles.

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